Sunday, February 22, 2009


Photo Credit: April Saul, Philly।com Staff Photographer

Tariro Mupombwa is a young twenty-one year-old girl from the country Zimbabwe, in Africa that I read about in the newspaper. She plans to help millions from her country with sewing machines through her "Sewing A Living" project. But in order to do that, she needsthread. By donating to Bread for Thread, you will help Tariro raise the money to buy the thread she needs to help her people. 100% of the donations made will go to Tariro and Sewing A Living, so remember: Every penny counts!

Read more about Tariro and her "Sewing A Living" project here.

To make a secure donation to BreadForThread through PAYPAL , click the 'donate' button under the 'BreadForThread' button in the sidebar.

And if you need a potholder, 100% of my potholder profits at Frankie's Woven Wonders (my Etsy shop) will be donated to Tariro & Sewing A Living (just click the potholder below.)